Praha, I Love Thy Rich History

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I know this is all a bit delayed. Honestly it doesn’t even feel right writing about it anymore. Weeks have passed since this amazing trip and it was THE best decision I have made in a while. Words literally can not express sum up the experiences. All I can say is, by the last day, I felt like I lived there. 

Aside from the fact that I woke up to the Mumbai attacks on CNN every morning, which was a little disheartening, everything else was entirely magical. 

1. My concerns about getting completely lost – so not necessary! I have the map permanently engraved in my head.

2. NYC is a great city for walking – Praha is just that AND ten times more scenic.

3. The 2% of the times that I did take the tram and metro, it was gratis! There were no turnstiles…

Well, you’d get a hefty fine of 950Kcs (approx. $50) if you get caught, as the metro police can ask to see your ticket at any given time there. So I took my chances. 

4. Goulash, pork knee, rabbit leg, I tried them all! The food was not as average as expected. I also had some gnocchi with salmon, which was delicious it makes me want to make some myself. 

5. I walked back and forth on Charles Bridge multiple times each day. No joke. Every time is breathtaking, in a unique way.

6. It was kind of brick, but I firmly believe that’s part of the Praha experience. I actually wanted to see snow during my short stay. 

7. The hotel worked out perfect – it was in a residential, non-touristy area, yet still very close to the heart of the city with a metro stop just 2 blocks away. 

8. What better time to visit than the holidays?! There were many Christmas markets set up, and quite a few trees around the squares. Adds more character and romance to the place. 

img_1095Probably not the most representative of the city, but I kind of like it. 

PS – It’s easy to not feel alone when you’re there even if you are by yourself. Part of it being magical I guess 🙂


The Way I See It

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@ six in the morning



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The funnest wedding on what seemed like the coldest nights of the year.

img_0888img_0906img_0915img_0923img_0932img_0928img_0968Before the shoes and jacket came off 

img_0974img_0978img_0987img_0996img_1000Congratulations Karen, and your sexy Panamanian Spanish-speaking hubby : ) 

The UNITED States of America

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It was a moment almost unreal. People celebrated as if it were New Years, if not more so. The nation exhaled in relief and rejoiced in tears of joy. 

Right on (particularly the last minute or so of the video).

To our new President, although yet to overcome the many obstacles and challenges facing this nation, and to meet the enormous expectations that we, the people have set for him, has for sure, brought an inspiring start of a new era. 

“I think Obama provides Hope – and challenges minds
Of all races and colors to erase the hate
And try and love one another, so many political snakes
We in need of a break
I’m thinkin’ I can trust this brotha
But will he keep it way real?
Every innocent n!gga in jail – gets out on appeal
When he wins – will he really care still?
I feel . . .”


Why the Polls are Open until 1AM in Alaska

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 westminster-bestBe sure to rock the booth today!

Sexy Media

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I can see how media, when done tastefully, can truly capture an average consumer, in this case, voter’s heart. Having worked in media and knowing the corruption and manipulation it tends to bring home without you noticing, tonight’s 30 minutes of Obama was hell of a sexy half an hour. 

Don’t tell me you were not moved even a tiny bit by the nostalgic background music and his voice descriptors. Although the content doesn’t provide additional insight (in terms of where he stands or what he believes) to the presidential debates, the focus on the delivery of its emotional appeal worked its magic. 

The infomercial was well planned and executed as it clearly, strategically strives to engage voters of America through a highly personal message tone. It was also key that they honed in on self-idealization, through your-next-door-neighbor anecdotes — in Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri. Again, carefully calculated to target those key states where Democratic support is in high demand. Even more effective was the notable absence of any mention of the other guy. Oh yeah, by the name of McCain. 

And what a clever closing remark where the footage takes you to Florida live, just in time to hear Obama’s ending note to rally for a win in the vital state down South, and for the country in the larger scope. Touching.

Well done GMMB/SS&K.

Flying Solo

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I am kind of more than just a little bit excited about sharing this with you. It’s going to happen in about a month. I am going to fly solo. Abroad. To another continent. Okay I have done that before. But never truly to go some place far without at least meeting up with a familiar face. 

Prague in November. I hear it will be beautiful! If you have already been to the place, please please share your experiences with me so I can ask ten thousand more questions. If you want to join me on the adventures, do let me know so I can give you all the details.

Otherwise, I will bring back some sober stories at the drunken house.