Sexy Media

I can see how media, when done tastefully, can truly capture an average consumer, in this case, voter’s heart. Having worked in media and knowing the corruption and manipulation it tends to bring home without you noticing, tonight’s 30 minutes of Obama was hell of a sexy half an hour. 

Don’t tell me you were not moved even a tiny bit by the nostalgic background music and his voice descriptors. Although the content doesn’t provide additional insight (in terms of where he stands or what he believes) to the presidential debates, the focus on the delivery of its emotional appeal worked its magic. 

The infomercial was well planned and executed as it clearly, strategically strives to engage voters of America through a highly personal message tone. It was also key that they honed in on self-idealization, through your-next-door-neighbor anecdotes — in Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri. Again, carefully calculated to target those key states where Democratic support is in high demand. Even more effective was the notable absence of any mention of the other guy. Oh yeah, by the name of McCain. 

And what a clever closing remark where the footage takes you to Florida live, just in time to hear Obama’s ending note to rally for a win in the vital state down South, and for the country in the larger scope. Touching.

Well done GMMB/SS&K.


~ by chimera223 on October 30, 2008.

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