Praha, I Love Thy Rich History

I know this is all a bit delayed. Honestly it doesn’t even feel right writing about it anymore. Weeks have passed since this amazing trip and it was THE best decision I have made in a while. Words literally can not express sum up the experiences. All I can say is, by the last day, I felt like I lived there. 

Aside from the fact that I woke up to the Mumbai attacks on CNN every morning, which was a little disheartening, everything else was entirely magical. 

1. My concerns about getting completely lost – so not necessary! I have the map permanently engraved in my head.

2. NYC is a great city for walking – Praha is just that AND ten times more scenic.

3. The 2% of the times that I did take the tram and metro, it was gratis! There were no turnstiles…

Well, you’d get a hefty fine of 950Kcs (approx. $50) if you get caught, as the metro police can ask to see your ticket at any given time there. So I took my chances. 

4. Goulash, pork knee, rabbit leg, I tried them all! The food was not as average as expected. I also had some gnocchi with salmon, which was delicious it makes me want to make some myself. 

5. I walked back and forth on Charles Bridge multiple times each day. No joke. Every time is breathtaking, in a unique way.

6. It was kind of brick, but I firmly believe that’s part of the Praha experience. I actually wanted to see snow during my short stay. 

7. The hotel worked out perfect – it was in a residential, non-touristy area, yet still very close to the heart of the city with a metro stop just 2 blocks away. 

8. What better time to visit than the holidays?! There were many Christmas markets set up, and quite a few trees around the squares. Adds more character and romance to the place. 

img_1095Probably not the most representative of the city, but I kind of like it. 

PS – It’s easy to not feel alone when you’re there even if you are by yourself. Part of it being magical I guess 🙂


~ by chimera223 on December 11, 2008.

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