Food For Thought

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We all know there hovers an economic crisis as of recent. But before this chaotic epidemic broke out like a bad rash, have we ever stopped to consider many of the world’s problems that are looming indefinitely for the less fortunate? Perhaps. How many of us actually act on it, on a consistent basis? 

Consider this. Let’s not even talk about the numbers globally. People tend to relate much better when they talk about things closer to home.  In New York, there are 1.5 million people living in poverty (that’s almost an eighth). Meaning, they are struggling to be fed, to get shelter, barely surviving and hardly affording their basic necessities. 

I don’t care how badly the markets have crashed and how much of your stocks have been dwindled. When you’re still able to dine out, to live comfortably, and to have the opportunities to create a better life, it’s really not that bad. Then, it’s also not too much to think of a less fortunate and help to facilitate a cause that does not necessarily result in your personal materialistic gain. 

On a lighter, but related note, Mary and I attended City Harvest’s annual Bid Against Hunger event. Hundreds of restaurants participated. The night was transformed into a gianormous tasting menu, with live and silent auctions (I ALMOST won a bid for four tickets to the Jets game in December). All proceeds go to help City Harvest, world’s first, and New York’s only food rescue organization. 


Eat, Drink, Men, Women

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I’ve been sick as a dog as of late. This change of season thing needs to make up its mind. Like now. Of course it doesn’t help when your whole office has been taking turns receiving the virus. It didn’t, thankfully, stop me from attending my scheduled events, because I would’ve been pissed if I missed this. 

Soul and Joanne had their wedding last night in Brooklyn. A very Chinese wedding – at a Chinese restaurant with yummy food. I had never ventured out to that area of the town before, and thought I got to Chinatown when I came off the train. 

Our table had plenty fun the entire night sampling Chinese food that I was having for the first time.

Congratulations again to the couple. Sorry I wasn’t able to take more photos throughout the night. We are still good for UFC at your house right?? 🙂

Good Morning

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I am waiting for that day when I can wake up, and think about something else.

That is all folks.

Have a great day.

Seeing the Invincible Sounds (of Autumn)

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Two of my favorites. One evening. One stage. It was hella fun with more dancing and sweating than the night before when we were out on the town.

Diddy was in the house dancing out of his seat. Ceelo made a guest appearance that was killer. I could not have asked for more. Correction: I could really ask to go up on stage for a NERD-y dance party. 

“The best arena to rock in is one that houses your family (on being on the road)” – Rev. Run

Tell Me This Ain’t Funny To You

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I keep forgetting to share this. 

From: Brandon Gross 
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008 4:45 PM
To: Mary Caldwell; Joy Zhu
Subject: FW: Shelf Talkers – Wynns Market

Cindy called me about these, and I kid you not, this was the conversation:

Cindy: Hi Brandon.  I’m looking for nametags.

Brandon: I’m sorry, what?

C: Nametags. 

B: Like the stickers you put on your shirt?

C: Well, that’s what I thought.  But now Annie tells me that they are stickers with the names of products.

B: Do you mean shelf talkers?

C: Are those stickers with the names of products?

B: No.  Do you mean repack labels?  Those are stickers.

C: I don’t know what I mean.



B: Okay…so…what do you want me to do?

C: Do you put shelf talkers next to items on olive bars?

B: Yes.

C: Then that must be what I need.

B: Okay…so send a request to marketing.

C: To you?

B: No, to marketing.

C: To Mary?

B: Sort of. Send it to the marketing group email and we’ll all get it.  Mary, Joy, and myself.

C: Who’s Joy?

B: She took over for Varun.

C: And she needs this too?  I thought Mary was marketing.

B: Marketing is an entire department. 

C: Oh.  So I send it to the Marketing email address and just ask for the nametags?

B: Yes, but don’t call them nametags…call them shelf talkers…that’s how this whole thing started, remember?

C: Yes, right.  Okay. 

B: Bye.

Let’s Chill

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And dance

Chillin’ with Dad

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It’s not Father’s Day or his birthday.